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From the desk of Julie Bartkus... 

Ready to get DREAMY with your child care business and your life?  

I'm thrilled you're here! I've been partnering with child care owners and directors for almost 20 years helping them create their POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE Child Care Programs.  

My clients step into a whole new realm of possibilities that they didn't even know existed through my personalized, holistic approach to transforming their child care business and their lives!! What results would you like to achieve?  

  • Attract and Retain DREAMY staff and clients
  • Achieve full enrollments in record time (36 in 3 weeks!)  
  • Grow your child care program by as much as 33% in 60 days 
  • Leap out of overwhelm and reclaim your time 
  • Eliminate your top profit killers so you can keep more of what you make 
  • Inspire a community of followers to be on board and excited about your vision 
  • Feel authentically and genuinely happy about your child care business and your life 

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Welcome! This could be the beginning of the transformation you desire and most importantly deserve!

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Grab a copy of Julie's Best-Selling Child Care Business Success Book!

What's the book about? Inside secrets and never-before-revealed stories are shared in this one-of-a-kind book by Child Care Business Success Mentor Julie Bartkus. Julie's mission has been to help child care owners create their positive, productive and profitable child care businesses for almost 20 years and now in her book, "Child Care Business Success," she interviews several Child Care Business Owners who stand out above and beyond all others in their communities because of one thing. This one thing is THE thing that Julie is so very passionate about sharing with Child Care Owners worldwide. It has the power to transform child care programs, including filling enrollments in record time, attracting and retaining DREAMY staff and clients, and sustaining a motivated and dynamic team; this allows child care owners to experience the time, freedom and profits that they desire and most importantly deserve. Are you ready to discover the power of this one thing and get really DREAMY with your child care business?

We'd LOVE to meet you in person!! Check out this LIMITED OFFER: Purchase a copy of the paperback and email your receipt to [email protected] and get a FREE event ticket valued at up to $997.00! 

Ready To Take Your Child Care Program To The Next Level? 

Julie is an internationally known coach, mentor, consultant and speaker who partners with child care owners, directors and organizations worldwide to positively impact child care programs. She is available for:

  • Keynote Presentations
  • Private, on-site, customized programs
  • Private coaching and mentorship in person, virtually or via the phone 
  • Group coaching and mentorship

  One of her hottest programs is her Child Care Program of Excellence Mentorship. Julie’s vision when she first started partnering with Child Care Owners and Directors nearly 20 years ago was to create a program for Owners who wanted to make change happen from the very top of their organizations. So not too long ago her Child Care Program of Excellence was born! Now it’s transforming child care programs and lives across the globe.  

Listen in to her clients having a conversation... 

Julie’s mentorship is many things.  

1) A holistic, personalized approach to experiencing the transformation that you desire and that you deserve based around her child care business success model. 

2) A deep partnership, coaching program, mastermind and leadership training & support all rolled into one yummy, delicious package. Julie’s approach helps you get to the cause of the challenges you’re facing and make a transformation happen so your staff and clients are your RAVING fans and so that you are authentically and genuinely happy.  

3) Powerful, done-for you marketing unlike anything else being offered to Child Care Owners.  

Start the process by applying for a mentorship to see if you qualify to join our group of child care owners who are committed to excellence in every aspect of how they run their programs. If you’re a director reading this, please note only owners are accepted into the mentorship and the Excellence Club for Child Care Owners and Directors might be a great starting place for you.  

Step into EXCELLENCE with Julie and a select group of Child Care Owners and Directors

Apply for a mentorship today!


Special bonus for new Mentorship Memebers: be featured on your own cover of the Child Care Program of Excellence Magazine. Give it out to your community so you stand out as the Child Care Program of Choice!


Hear about their transformations and how they got DREAMY With Julie...

36 Enrollments in 3 Weeks!

From 14 to Zero Turnover a Year!

 A team is transformed afer spending a day with Julie!  

"It was magical..." Gerry Pastor and Jane Porterfield, Owners, Educational Playcare

"I don't know what I would have done without Julie..." Katie Clinon, Executive Director  

"Julie's Programs Surpass Others..." Bob Kuehner, Ower, Amazing Kids

Julie partners with child care owners and organizations to transform Child Care Programs worldwide...

Tune in to hear from them...

"I first heard Julie speak at a childcare conference last Fall and immediately knew that she was our missing link. Over the years we've struggled enormously to motivate our employees and improve the quality of our work environments. 10 minutes after she finished her presentation, I'd signed her up to come to Connecticut on two occasions. In February she spent two full days with our directors and assistant directors, and as much as I hate words like this, it was indeed transformational. Julie is the real deal and I guarantee she'll bring things to your programs that will also be 'transformational.'"  

Gerry Pastor & Jane Porterfield, Owners, Educational Playcare LTD Massachusetts  


"When I first took over the center, staff were beginning to look for other jobs and wouldn't recommend the center to friends or family for jobs or childcare. Now, I have people calling me and emailing me for work and child care openings. I feel like I've built the foundation for a successful business."  

Kathy Monahan, Owner Massachusetts  

“Investing in Julie’s programs was the BEST decision I made. Julie has this incredible insight to be able to look at a child care program and communicate what action steps need to be taken to create an excellent program including a motivated team. Since working with Julie we have attracted some of the best staff members possible.”  

Tami Nix, Owner, Archway Academy


"Julie is amazing... I have been working with Julie for almost three years now since my husband and I bought an existing preschool that has been in operation since 1963. In that time, I have seen a dramatic difference in my child care business. First, my staff turnover is staggeringly low. In 2015, with a staffing need of 15, I turned over 20 people! In 2016, we closed our School Age program so we needed a staff of 11 and we turned over 10 people. This year to date, I have had to fire 1 person!!! Second, the turnover in families has dropped so we are keeping more families than before. Lastly, since June 1, 2017, to now - August 7, 2017 - we have enrolled 16 new children at a time when typically enrollment is nonexistent. Overall our enrollments are up, from 36 in October 2014 to a high of 53 this year. I can't say enough about Julie and her book..."

- Deidre Nordel, Owner, FunShip Children's Center

Ready to start with a conversation?

Create your POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE Child Care Program!

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Julie Bartkus is an internationally known Child Care Business Success mentor, speaker and author who helps child care owners and directors create their positive, productive and profitable child care businesses through her on-site customized programs, her publications and her groundbreaking Child Care Program of Excellence Club and Mentorship.  

Julie is known for her personalized approach in helping her clients achieve the levels of success they desire, including filling enrollments in record time, transforming workplace culture and attracting and retaining DREAMY staff and clients. She is quickly able to access the problems child care leaders are experiencing and helps them gain clarity as to what their next best steps are so they can experience results in record time, like Mary, who got 36 enrollments in three weeks; or Cheryl, who grew her child care business by 33 percent in sixty days; or Cindy, who is now attracting DREAMY staff.  

Your child care program is your baby. Julie meets you where you are and helps you take your personal and professional success to a whole new realm of possibilities.  

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