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  • Exclusively For Child Care Owners!
Julie Bartkus'

Child Care Business Success Intensive

Seattle, WA - July 14th and 15th, 2017



Are You Ready To Rock Your Child Care Business?

Internationally-Known  Child Care Business Success Mentor Julie Bartkus is Hitting The Road To Be With You!

  • Attract and Retain Dreamy Staff and Clients
  • Inspire a Community of Followers Who are On-Board and Excited About Your Vision for your Child Care Business
  • Experience Higher Profits and More FREEDOM.

Join Julie Bartkus for a 2-Day Intensive and Uplevel Your Child Care Business and Transform Your Life!

Julie Bartkus has been mentoring Child Care Owners for almost 20 years  - helping them create their POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE child care businesses --and now - - you're invited to mentor with her during one of her upcoming 2-day Child Care Business Success Intensives.

  • DON'T WAIT...  There's no need to wait for an annual conference where hundreds of people pack into a room so you can sit and wait and see if, by the end of the event, your burning questions are answered and your challenges are met with solutions.
  • It's EXCLUSIVE!! This is exclusively for child care owners who are serious about seeing a BIG transformation happen in their child care program as they discover how to stand out as THE child care program of choice.
  • It's ELITE!! This is an ELITE opportunity for child care owners who have achieved a certain level of success in their child care businesses.  This is not a beginner's class by any means.  Julie's students typically have a strong desire to move from working "in" their businesses to working "on" their businesses.   Start working with Julie TODAY and watch your time, freedom and profits reach new heights!!  Your ability to attract and retain DREAMY staff and clients will soar to a whole new level!!

    If you are an executive with a large child care corporation, we reccomend you call our office at 1.800.211.5671 to see what opportunities we currently have that would be a good fit for you.


With Julie, there are no "cookie-cutter" approaches to your plan of action for greater Child Care Buisness Success.  Come and be part of an EXPERIENCE UNLIKE ANY OTHER and create your POSITIVE, PRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE child care business.  You will gain solutions and strategies to help you get to the next level of where you want to grow!!

Here are some extraordinary objectives that Julie's clients discover from investing 2 days with her.

“Everything has changed since working with Julie.  Our VISION became the guiding force and within a very short period of time our workplace became truly HAPPY.  I became truly HAPPY.  And we went from 14 turnovers a year to zero!”

- Katie Clinton

What's incuded?

In addition to 2 days jam-packed with transformational content you'll receive:

Bonus 1
1. Special, Yummy Sit-Down, Lunches

There are no boxed lunches at this event!

You'll be treated to a fantastic sit-down lunch during both days of the intensive!

Bonus 2
2. Your co-owner comes for FREE!

Bringing the person who helps you make your decisions is great for support during the event and after!

Yes!! Bring your partner in crime with you to this event. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis so make sure you secure your seat TODAY!!

Bonus 3
Strategy Session

Julie's clients will tell you that it's AMAZING what Julie can help you with in just 30 minutes.

Prior to the Intensive you'll have the opportunity to strategize with Julie for 30 minutes. This is a $597 value alone! Your call with Julie can be recorded so you have your session to listen to over and over again!! During this session you'll gain awareness as to what your next steps are to get on your fast path to greater profits.

Bonus 4
Success Plan of Action

Develop Your Personalized Child Care Business Success Plan of Action During The Intensive 

Invest 2 days with Julie and you'll leave with actionable items in your hands to help you uplevel your child care business.

Bonus 5
FREE Copy of Julie's New Book!  

Child Care Business Success

Inside secrets and never-before-revealed stories are shared in this one-of-a-kind book by Child Care Business Success Mentor Julie Bartkus.  Julie's mission has been to help child care owners create their positive, productive and profitable child care businesses for almost 20 years and now in her book, "Child Care Business Success," she interviews several Child Care Business Owners who stand out above and beyond all others in their communities because of one thing.  This one thing is THE thing that Julie is so very passionate about sharing with Child Care Owners worldwide.  It has the power to transform child care programs, including filling enrollments in record time, attracting and retaining DREAMY staff and clients, and sustaining a motivated and dynamic team; this allows child care owners to experience the time, freedom and profits that they desire and most importantly deserve.  Are you ready to discover the power of this one thing and get really DREAMY with your child care business?

Bonus 6
2 Tickets to attend the Child Care Business
Success Conference

Join our next conference -
Someplace warm -
February 2018!

Join Julie, her Child Care Program of Excellence Mentorship Members and special guests at a one-of-a-kind conference for child care owners and directors.  The sole focus of this Child Care Conference is the business side of child care.  This is the place where brilliant, like-minded child care owners and directors who are committed to upleveling their child care businesses gather!  Don't miss out!!! 

Bonus 7
3 FREE Issues of The Child Care Business
Success Magazine!

Crazy amounts of immediately applicable strategies is what you'll receive in Julie's magazine that child care owners and directors in over 6 countries have benefited from!

Stand Out As THE
Child Care Program of Choice

How much is it worth to you to grow your program by 33% or more as a result of your attending?  This could mean increasing your profits by 33% by eliminating your profit killers or growing your enrollment.  

The ticket price for this program could easily be $2,500.00 or more but if you're accepted into this program, your ticket is only 997.00!

Apply Today

Presenting Julie's:
Child Care Business Success Model

Changing Child Care Programs Worldwide!!

Child Care Business Owners: The way to get results in record time in your child care business is NOT by following a step-by-step proven system but rather to have a model that you can work with to help you understand what you need to do more of or differently to help you get to the next level of where you want to grow in your child care business.

What Julie Bartkus shares with owners and directors is not a cookie- cutter approach to a very personalized journey but rather a model to holistically evaluate what's missing for each child care owner she works with.

What do you need to do more of or differently to get the results you desire?

Tune in to this introductory video to Julie Bartkus' Child Care Business Success Model and see if it resonates with you. If you find yourself saying: "Yes, she's onto something here!!" then you are encouraged to join Julie at her Child Care Business Success Intensive!

  • Cheryl Nicholson
  • Ty Durekas
  • Steve Sipress
  • Jane Porterfield & Gerry Pastor
  • Katie Clinton
  • PACE

Stand Out as THE
Child Care Program of Choice

Child Care Today!

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A One-Of-A-Kind Experience


1. Discover how child care owners set themselves apart. In a day and age where child care programs are popping up on every corner, how can you set yourself up to be different and to let your brilliance shine? How can you be the child care program of choice in your community? 

2. Sell naturally and authentically! You and your child care team are always buying something or selling something. If your staff members are not sold on your vision, chances are they are not sold on your child care program. This makes it tough for them to want to "sell" your program. We'll be pulling back the curtains to show you how to get buy-in from staff in a BIG way so they are filled with enthusiasm about what you have to offer and not buy into how other child care programs are better -- even if they are the less expensive choice.

3. Play a BIGGER Game in your child care business. Do you have a desire to step out in to the community in a BIG way with who you are and the child care business you created? There are ways you can do this that will help you increase enrollments and attract the best staff possible to you. These ways include building relationships and leveraging them. It includes speaking and having conversations with the press. We're going to give you strategies to help you get started so you can start speaking and building relationships with people who can send endless referrals your way.

Julie's Vision


Helping child care owners create their POSITIVEPRODUCTIVE and PROFITABLE
Child Care Programs is what’s at the core of Julie Bartkus’ vision.  If we take it one step further, Julie states that her work in the child care industry is all about helping child care owners create their DREAMY lives.


Here are just a few of the results that Julie’s clients have achieved:

  • Mary achieved 36 enrollments in 3 weeks and now has the time, freedom and profits that most  child care owners only dream about.  Her program was filled in record time after she struggled for years by herself.
  • Cheryl grew her child care business by over 33% in 60 days. Cultivate a positive workplace culture in as little as 60 days.
  • Got their head and spirit back in "the game"​ of creating their  dreamy child care program.
  • Leapt from overwhelmed to overjoyed.
  • Secured as many as 15 new enrollments at their open house.


There are some things that you never forget in life and one of them is how your “calling” happens.  Many people have asked me over the past 17 years that I’ve been working in this industry:  What’s your story?  Why did you choose the child care industry to specialize in?  Well, really I feel that although I worked in a variety of child care programs as I earned my college degree, it was my journey through life that landed me in this amazing industry that impacts so many lives in so many ways.  After 8 years in corporate America, I left my position as a financial manager and started speaking.  It was a point in my life where I started listening to motivational speakers and I thought to myself…WOW – how cool would it be to impact the lives of others through my words?  The seed was planted and I started speaking to anyone and everyone who was willing to listen.  Seriously!

Then in my audiences child care owners and directors started to appear.  They told me they were searching.  Searching for solutions that no one was sharing with them  They wanted to know how to create a dynamic environment for working and learning.  They wanted to know how to be happy in their child care business.  They wanted to know how to sustain a profitable child care business while staying on-fire with their passion and their vision.  When this started happening over and over again, I got the hint and began dedicating all of my time to helping child care owners and directors create their positive, productive and profitable child care businesses.  

It’s been a privilege and honor to work with child care programs worldwide sharing my Child Care Business Success Model  through my speaking engagements, on-site customized programs and now through my Child Care Business Success Conference and Magazine.  I am personally on-fire about my Child Care Program of Excellence Mentorship  that is transforming the lives of Child Care Owners and everyone who they come in contact with. Through my mentorship, Child Care Owners work to achieve EXCELLENCE in every aspect of their child care programs, helping them to stand out as “the child care program of choice “ in their communities.

You might find me in your area presenting:  The 5 Profit Killers That Your Security Cameras Will Never Reveal To You,  5 Simple Steps To Help You Manage, Motivate and Retain Great Staff or Child Care Business Success in 4 Simple Steps.
It's my passion to make sure that every interaction I have with child care business owners leads to at least one new and exciting idea that will get them on their fastest path to greater profits and a happier life!  I look forward to seeing you in the near future!  Feel free to reach out to me at 1.800.211.5671 or


 This is about getting DREAMY with your child care business and your life!'s only $997.00 USD!!!


BONUS:  If you're an annual member of Julie's Excellence Club for Child Care Owners and Directors your registration is FREE!  
Click on the link below to find out more!


CLICK HERE TO Find Out More Information About Julie's Excellence Club!

General Event Details

Specific location will be revealed after your registration is complete.
The date for the program is July 14th and 15th.  
More details will be revealed after you are accepted into this program.
To be accepted into this program, an application is required.  It is an elite and exclusive opportunity.  We want to hand-pick the people who are in the room to make sure they're a right fit to sit next to you and to acheive maximum results from Julie's teachings.
Event Times
Our 2-day Child Care Business Success Intensive will kick off at 9:00 AM and conclude by 6:00 PM on each day.

Time will fly by as you write tons of notes and feel the excitement building with each passing hour! When we wrap up, you'll be on-fire to go back and implement your plan of action.

You'll be offered the opportuning to stay for an additional 2 days of mentoring.  Please make your travel plans accordingly.
Lunch will be 90 minutes - giving you enough time to not only enjoy your lunch but also so you can digest all of the yummy content you learned during the morning session.

Breaks: There will be 30 minute break approximately every 90 minutes so you can digest the transformational content Julie will be sharing. This will also allow you time to grab a drink and network with colleagues who are on the same path as you.