"I was blown away! Best conference I've attended by far!" Tim Carter

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Move from feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and worried to being confident and in control of your results.

What is it that's causing you to feel out of control and stressed out in your child care program? If you're thinking the situations and craziness that's always unfolding around you -- you're not alone.  

During Transform LIVE you'll discover how to transform your feelings from overwhelmed back to a true, authentic and genuine state of happiness. It's not about faking it until you make it... it's about feeling it so you can reveal it.

Attract and Retain Your DREAMY Staff and Clients

It's easy to feel that the success of your child care program is dependent upon one staff member or one client. I mean -- we've heard it forever -- there's lack in this industry. And it would be intolerable if one person left us. But the truth is you were given your vision for a reason and everything that you need to support that vision is waiting to show up and support you. Yes, even DREAMY staff and DREAMY clients. Transform LIVE will not only re-energize you but it will also help you clarify what it is that you want, know that you are worth receiving it and let go of control so you can experience true abundance.

D.R.I.V.E. to where you want to grow!

Let's put you back in the driver's seat of your vision and of your growth. Too often in this indiustry we get lost in what everyone else wants and expects from us. Now is your opportunity to get back in touch with YOUR desires and to allow your program and your vision to be an extension of you. When this happens -- your feelings shift and so do your results. 

What is it that you really want to have happen? What is it that you want to create for YOU? 

Let's look at all of the aspects starting with how much time, FREEDOM and profits you desire. During this event, you'll discover Julie's D.R.I.V.E. Method for accelerating your child care business success. 


"Lost, broken, confused and ready to give up were just a few of the feelings I was experiencing, a little over a year ago. When I made the decision to work with Julie roughly 8 months ago I had no idea it would be one of the most transformational decisions I would make. Within a few short weeks I saw a noticeable difference in my program, my staff, my enrollments and most important myself. I went from struggling to get a response to my ads to having people walk in off the street telling me they only wanted to work for me (usually at a lower pay rate than they currently were at) and parents literally in tears hoping for a spot in our program all due to the strategies and counsel of Julie. Yet the most impactful and noticeable change was in me as an owner and my confidence in the future of my program. Working with Julie has guided me further than I could have ever imagined, and I am confident she can do the same for anyone who chooses to work with her."  


Join us in Lake Las Vegas for: Transform Live 2019!

December 12th - 14th

*We'll be kicking off at 9:00 on the 12th and wrapping up by 1:00 PM on the 14th. We have a limited number of rooms available for only $109.00 per night! 

What would you like to TRANSFORM?

This event is all about YOU getting the TRANSFORMATION that you desire. Here are the most common transformations we work on.

Workplace Culture Imagine knowing how to attract people to you when you need them and how to retain them so your big vision can come to life. How much easier would your life be if you got the staff part of the equation right? 

Julie has been helping child care owners and directors for over 20 years to understand how to build a 5-star child care dream team without firing all the ones you've got or paying more than the guy next door. She knows how to transform negative attitudes to positive ones and engage your staff to want to be a part of your vision! 


Time Imagine having the time to do the things you value most! Julie is dedicated to helping her clients have the time and freedom that they desire through mindset work (did you know that one negative thought can lead to eight hours of procrastination??), delegation (that's right, it's time to let go of control - but not through dumping tasks but rather through delegating them) and having good processes in place.  

Your processes should be supporting you and your people. We have simple ways to get them done! Interested?

Profits Imagine your bank account growing and you feeling like you're getting paid not only FIRST but what you deserve to be paid for all of your hard work.  

We often hear our single-site and multi-site clients stating that they have no money left for themselves after they pay everyone else. Let's look at the true profit killers in your child care program so you can eliminate them and put some money back into your own pocket. One client estimated that 14.5 million dollars had dripped out of his pocket before he started working with Julie. 

Enrollments Imagine having your DREAMY clients in place and retaining them for as long as you can serve them. This is true magic when it happens because retaining clients is a much cheaper opportunity than constantly trying to fill spots.  

If you're in need of enrollments, the answer could be as simple as understanding where you're hiding. Too often owners remove themselves from the sales process long before there's a well-defined process in place to guide and reward those who are responsible for enrolling. Additionally, they refrain from having conversations that help them foster positive relationships with people in the community who can serve their enrollment-building efforts in a big way. Just imagine... you might be only one conversation away from the transformation you desire.

Energy Imagine projecting the kind of energy that attracts the right people and situations to you.  

If you're in need of an energetic alignment, Transform LIVE is the event to attend. During this event your mindset and energy will be shifted so it matches what you desire to attract in your life. After all, attracting things and people to us requires us asking ourselves one very important question: 

Am I projecting the type of energy that will attract the things that I desire to me?  

You'll discover the keys to shifting your mindset when fear, worry and doubt step in and want to consume you. You can feel peace and fulfillment even when crises hit. 


Vision Imagine feeling alive and growing with your vision. Vision is a hot topic at Transform LIVE because everything Julie teaches is an outflowing of your big, bold, DREAMY vision. Everything from your hiring processes to your firing processes flow from your vision.  

Julie's mission is to help you feel over- the-top excited about your vision and to be connected to it in a profound way. After all, if when you share your vision and speak your vision out loud, you don't get excited about it and connect with it, how will anyone else ever be excited and connect to it?  

Miraculous things have transpired when child care leaders are authentically excited about their vision. People engage with them in very profound ways and magic happens.



"To any child care owner or director who is thinking about working with Julie -- do it! I don't know where I would be if I hadn't reached out to Julie. Working with her has grown my program, both in enrollment and in the value that we offer our families. I started working with Julie 3 years ago and everything changed for me. I signed up because I was in crisis mode, and in our first conversation my mindset shifted and I knew I was going in a positive direction. I had no idea when I signed up what an amazing journey lay in my immediate future. The first thing that happened was I had 36 enrollments within 3 weeks. Amazing staff began to come in off the street to join my team, even turning down higher paying positions to be part of my vision. With Julie's mentoring, I've not only transformed my child care business, but I've made changes in my mindset that have impacted my life in every area. I'm signing up again, not because I'm in crisis mode, but because the personalized approach Julie has is exactly what I need to push me through roadblocks and challenges and to continue to learn and grow. Julie has reconnected me to the heart of my child care program and that is simply priceless!."  


From The Desk of Julie Bartkus...  

What is Transform LIVE 2019? 

Hi! Julie Bartkus here and I’m thrilled to share with you more information about this event!  

It’s been a mission of mine for over 20 years to help child care owners and directors create their positive, productive and profitable child care programs. I have been so honored to walk alongside of my clients who have transformed some really tough situations. These situations range from low enrollments to not being able to make payroll to not having enough time to not finding the right staff members. Do any of these situations sound familiar?  

Well, the truth is you can have boatloads of strategies and ideas and you may have even heard other owners and directors rave about these strategies and how they get amazing results by implementing them – yet they don’t work for you.  

Either you don’t feel motivated to implement them or you do implement them and they end up not working the same for you.  

So what’s missing? 

Why can’t you experience the transformation that you so desperately desire?  

It’s certainly not because you don’t try hard or work hard. Most of our clients try very hard and work harder. Some endlessly.  

What I’ve discovered is that it’s all about 2 words. Two words to get started with anyway. Those two words are VISION and MINDSET. How alive and expansive is your vision? How connected are you with it? And what about your mindset – does it support your vision’s growth? Does it support YOUR growth?  

Transform LIVE will align your VISION with your MINDSET so your energy is shifted, and you FEEL excited… I’m talking about a sustainable excitement for your vision. From this place you’ll discover what the best strategy is for YOU to implement. This is far different than following a system in a box or getting coached on a blanket strategy that works for everyone. Well, everyone except you.  

This is an event for YOU. You will be heard. You will be rejuvenated. You will experience a transformation.  

This event is not about getting you into a room and selling you on a lot of things that you may or may not need. It’s about creating your personalized plan of action that you can run with and implement as a result of your being at the event.  

Transform LIVE will also help you to gain clarity around the force that drives your vision to a whole new level of impact and influence. What’s this force? Should I reveal it now or just let you know that there is a powerful force that we’ll be uncovering? Okay… I think my utter excitement about the transformational power of this renders me powerless against trying to hold back. It’s your DESIRE. During this event you’ll gain clarity and be able to answer the question: What do I really want?  

Then, once we have that piece in place, we’ll move on to your vision and aligning your mindset with it. After all, your mindset makes up 95% of the success you’ll experience in your life.  

This is why I find over and over again that there’s such an overlap between making enrollments work and making staff work and bringing in the money that you desire. It’s because your mindset is at work either keeping you stuck or propelling you forward. It really determines how fast you’re able to make success happen. And if your mindset is preventing you from attracting your DREAMY clients – it’s probably keeping you stuck when it comes to attracting your DREAMY staff.  

If you’re reading this – I’m pretty sure you believe that you can absolutely attract people and situations to yourself. And at the same time, you just might not know how to make this law of attraction work for you. 

Would you like to know a secret? It’s because the law of attraction is at work but the true engine that you need to rev up is the law of vibration. It’s all about the energy that consistently flows from you that will either stifle your results or allow you to take them to an entirely new level.  

During Transform LIVE we’ll be diving in deep to these laws and helping you implement them in your specific situation so your results are absolutely transformational!  

 I can’t wait! 

I can’t wait because of the transformations that I’ve seen in our clients. Here are a few examples:  

*36 enrollments in 3 weeks *15 new enrollments on the day of an open house *Skyrocketing to over 1 million dollars in business *15,000 dollars in 3 hours *60,000 dollars in less than a week *Growth by over 33% In less than 2 months  

That’s the easy transformations! Here are the tougher results:  

*Hiring the best staff ever through a well-refined interview process *Having people seek you out to work for you *Qualified job candidates taking less money to work for you ($2.00/hour less!!) *Team members selling your program for you *Going from no shows at interviews to people showing up, prepared and excited *Negative attitudes transforming to positive *Achieving 0 turnovers in one year *Eliminating workplace gossip  

Did I hit on anything that’s important for you to achieve? Any transformations you would like to experience?  

My approach is personal and heart-centered. I am committed to your getting results and I want to celebrate every success with you!  

So now for another truth about Transform LIVE. This is an event for my Child Care Program of Excellence Mentorship. But I want you there! I want to help you get what you truly desire. So I am opening up just a handful of seats for non-mentorship members to attend. If you’re interested in mentorship, we can have that conversation either before the event or during the event. However, if you become a mentorship member before the event, the event is FREE! That's right - the registration fee is waived. Simply reach out to my manager, Johnna, and she'll get the process started. Her email is [email protected]  

However, if you want to come and be a part of the Transform LIVE experience – you can join us for only $497.00. Additional members of your leadership team can attend for only $147.00 while seats are available.  

Since I believe in helping you create a life that is absolutely DREAMY – this event is being hosted at a gorgeous resort property in Lake Las Vegas (Henderson, NV) and rooms are only $109.00 per night. Please note, at the time of my writing this – there are only 9 room nights available. So it’s important to secure your seat today.  

I hope you can make it and start the New Year with your plans of action in place to help you experience that TRANSFORMATION that you desire and the transformation that you deserve.  

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Discover how Julie works with her clients....

"Julie not only saved my business but she saved my life. Julie is amazing... I have been working with Julie for almost three years now since my husband and I bought an existing preschool that has been in operation since 1963. In that time, I have seen a dramatic difference in my child care business. First, my staff turnover is staggeringly low. In 2015, with a staffing need of 15, I turned over 20 people! In 2016, we closed our School Age program so we needed a staff of 11 and we turned over 10 people. This year to date, I have had to fire 1 person!!! Second, the turnover in families has dropped so we are keeping more families than before. Lastly, since June 1, 2017, to now - August 7, 2017 - we have enrolled 16 new children at a time when typically enrollment is nonexistent. Overall our enrollments are up, from 36 in October 2014 to a high of 53 this year. I can't say enough about Julie..."  

- Deidre Nordel, Owner, FunShip Children's Center